Bare Root Spring Douglas Fir Seedling

18 - 22 Inch Spring Douglas Fir Seedling

Springtime planting is a wonderful time here at Santa's Forest. Our staff is busy selecting and planting premium 18 - 24 inch Douglas Fir bare root seedlings in the fields throughout our farm. Douglas Fir is an impressive evergreen in any home or commercial landscape. The tree is one of the world's most important and valuable timber trees and historically it was used by Westerners for telephone poles and railway ties among many other uses. Today Douglas-fir is also grown for Christmas trees. The needles are bluish green, occasionally yellowish green. Douglas-fir is adapted to a wide variety of soils in terms of texture, but reaches its best development on clay loams, silty clay loams, and silt loams which are deep, moist, and well drained. The seed of Douglas-fir is an important food for chickadees, red crossbill, finches (house and purple), evening grosbeak, Douglas squirrel, Townsend chipmunk, deer, meadow mice, shrews, and many other birds and mammals. Grown in patches of three to a dozen, Douglas Firs are fast growing and make wonderful wind breaks. The same seedling you purchase can be seen growing at our farm.

Spring Seedling Schedule

A little while back some local holiday customers asked if they could purchase a few seedlings for their homes. Next thing we knew people from all over the country starting purchasing from our web site. We consider our tree seedlings the pride of the industry and we are very grateful for the compliments and referrals. Due to our customer suggestions we are posting a spring fir tree seedling delivery schedule: trees will be shipped out from Santa's Forest starting March 15 and continuing through May 21. You are welcome to make an appointment to visit, share growing tips, or just enjoy the scenery. We think it is almost Heaven...

Indoor Fir Tree Pot Planting

Evergreen tree seedlings can be planted in a pot and enjoyed for a number of years indoors.

Select a pot that is at least 8 inches in diameter. Soak the seedling roots the day prior to planting. Use nutrient rich potting soil. Grow in a well lit area and water every 1-3 days.

Planting your Douglas Fir Seedling Outdoors

Place your Douglas Fir seedling where it will get direct sun for part of the day. Avoid continuous hot sun. Water thoroughly as needed, generally every 1-3 days depending on weather conditions. The night before planting, water the seedlings well. This gives time for excess water to drain out.

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