8 to 9 foot White Pine Christmas Tree

8 to 9 foot White Pine Christmas Tree

Decorate your home or office this Holiday season with a fresh USDA Premium Grade White Pine Christmas tree and wreath delivered to your door.

White Pine(Pinus strobus)also known as Eastern white pine, Northern white pine, is a large pine native to eastern North America, occurring from Newfoundland west to Minnesota and southeastern Manitoba, and south along the Appalachian Mountains to the extreme north of Georgia. The Eastern White Pine tree has been referred to as "the monarch of the forest." Some that greeted the first settlers reached a height of 250 feet with diameters of 6 feet. This evergreen pine has long, soft, flexible blue-green to silver-green colored needles. The White pine's mild fragrance is good for people with allergy problems.

As a Christmas tree White Pine is exceedingly handsome and makes an unforgettable impression during the holiday season. White Pine Branches are very flexible and are best accented with bows, light ornaments, and Christmas Tree lights.

Six to seven years of meticulous shearing in the field are required to produce a beautiful, dense, and conical 6-7 foot tree. All of our trees are hand selected with special care and attention to shape, density, color and are cut at the last possible moment to ensure freshness throughout the Christmas Season.

Once we recieve your order your tree is tagged to be cut on the date you have selected to receive it. Your Christmas tree is then boxed for easy delivery to your doorstep. Care instructions are included to make your Christmas tree last well into January.

Needle Retention: Very Good to Excellent
Fragrance: Mild
Needle Softness: Excellent
Taper: 70 - 80%
Foliage: Fresh, Healthy
Minor defects: Not more than 2
Density: Heavy
Balance: 4 complete faces

Unit Price : $100.00 USD

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