Little Luke is pointing to a Colorado Spruce tree seedling.

Christmas Tree Seedling

In addition to making the perfect Christmas present, our live evergreen tree seedlings are wonderful for wedding favors, event giveaways and corporate gifts.

Colorado Spruce trees are hardy and very adaptable to a wide range of climates. Our seedlings arrive ready to plant with instructions for the recipient. The survival rate of our seedlings is higher than traditional bare root seedlings as they are shipped with a small amount of soil.

Planting Tips

If you are not planting the seedling immediately, we recommend keeping them in the freezer until 24-48 hours before giving them as gift.

Indoor Christmas Tree Pot Planting

Evergreen tree seedlings can be planted in a pot and enjoyed for a number of years indoors.

Select a pot that is at least 8 inches in diameter. Soak the seedling roots the day prior to planting. Use nutrient rich potting soil. Grow in a well lit area and water every 1-3 days.

Planting your Christmas Tree Seedling Outdoors

Place your Christmas tree seedling where it will get direct sun for part of the day. Avoid continuous hot sun. Water thoroughly as needed, generally every 1-3 days depending on weather conditions. The night before planting, water the seedlings well. This gives time for excess water to drain out.

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